BO + BALA - [noun] pron. bow and ba-la
def. Bo "to live" and Bala "young"

BO + BALA : a children’s jewellery brand that fosters big dreams, promotes positive energy and embodies the whimsical and free-spirited nature of childhood.

.Bo + Bala was originally founded by two mums with young children in 2016. They found themselves constantly strengthened by their children’s characters, their capacity to love and their zest for life. It is from this inspiration coupled with their backgrounds in jewellery/graphic design that the brand was born.  The name BO + BALA means ‘TO LIVE YOUNG’.

Owner/Director, Miranda's love of jewellery began at an early age when she coveted her mother's collection, carefully hidden away in a jewellery box.

My mother used to call me a little magpie - I purchased this business in her memory and am cultivating a similar passion in my own daughter, Mia, who is already contributing design ideas and proudly assists me in the fulfillment and wrapping of orders when she comes home from school. 
"Every BO + BALA piece is made of the highest quality sterling silver and endeavours to capture the essence of childhood, promoting positive affirmations and strength.  Bo + Bala is about celebrating childhood while building confidence and strength of character in our girls".  

Bo + Bala is more than just a piece of jewellery - every piece comes with a story and a special attribute card, empowering the wearer and sending positive messages her way. 

Jewellery lasts forever and can span generations - that is what makes it so cherished and the perfect gift for a special occasion.  All of our jewellery is made from high-quality nickel free, 925 sterling silver. 

We are excited to introduce you to the brand -  with collections that include  sterling silver dainty initialed pieces, straight up positive life symbols as well as pieces to celebrate the arrival and milestones of younger children and mothers. We stand behind the quality of our jewellery and know you will love it as much as we have loved creating it.

‘To the children who inspire the collections and encourage us to LIVE YOUNG and DREAM BIG every day.’
 Miranda x